Our Oil Service Just Got Better!

Need an oil change? Our service just got better!

At Hardman Auto Care you receive these benefits that distinguish our oil change service from the competition:

Chevron oil, the best non-synthetic on the market.
Top-quality oil filter made by WIX.
A trained mechanic doing the service, along with a full inspection of your vehicle.

These high quality products protect your vehicle & provide great value for you. So how did we make it even better? Now your car will also receive Power Punch oil treatment – FREE!

Here’s what Power Punch does for you:

Helps prevent dry starts, to extend engine life.
Reduces friction, heat & wear.
Seals rings better for more power & quicker starts.
Reduces oil smoking & leakage.
Increases performance & economy.
Prevents oil dilution & sludging.

Our rate is still only $39.99!