“Quality service with a great attitude”

Review From Ted Brown – 2012-10-25

I purchased a 1983 Mercedes 289GE and drove it from Vancouver Island to my home in Ottawa. I had one very minor incident late Friday afternoon in Ferndale near Bellingham, Wash: wipers and washer stopped. It was of course raining at the time and I had a few moments of anxiety re “is this what the trip will be like”. Fortunately I found a local who recommended Dave’s Rollingstock garage (“Brian is a very good mechanic”) two brothers one of whom (Brian) diagnosed and fixed the issue (blown fuse) within 15 minutes of my stopping (they were in the middle of bleeding a clutch so took a few minutes to switch gears). Even to the point of having in old stock the correct European style fuses (I now have 2 spares). To boot they let me suggest the amount to pay because it was a part no one has needed in many years ($20CDN). In the meantime Dale went on-line to check the weather ahead of me on the drive (“Inter state down to 1 lane east due to rock slide, clear by that evening”). Both were very amiable and easy too deal with throughout the encounter.

I would very much recommend Dave’s Rollingstock for quality service with a great attitude.

Ted Brown
Ottawa Canada