“Up A Creek With No Paddle”

Review From Larry Weston – 2012-11-07

We had our 2001 Grand Cherokee tow car start to have sluggish starting and I felt it was an old battery so we had Les Schwab in Ferndale install a new battery. They advised me that with the new battery it was still sluggish starting and I may need a new starter or solenoid. They didn’t do the work there so I decided to go back to RV Resort and get online and find a place that could check it out for me. I also looked to see what causes would be. There is a lot of opinions out there but most of them said to put in a new starter and be done with it.

I seen where the battery relay could have weak connections and sometimes pulling it out and plugging it back helped. So I tried that and it seemed to turn over faster. I was thankful that I had possibly found the problem. The next morning it started right up. Yea… I got it fixed. All that looking online I decided if there was a starter in Ferndale. O’Reilly Auto parts had one if I could put it on.

I went back in town the next day and returned a movie we rented and when I came back out the Jeep would not start. I was frustrated and discouraged. I walked to O’Reilly’s and asked if they had a starter and if that would be the problem, he wasn’t sure but they had one starter. The lady at the other counter, Amy I think, asked if I knew of a mechanic to install it. I was traveling as we are fulltime RVers and didn’t know any in the area. Her first request was Dale at Hardman Auto Care. She called and explained who I was then handed the phone to me.

That is when I first talked to you Dale, and my frustrations slowly left as you gave me hope and assured me you would get me going if it was a starter, but replacing the relay was the cheapest and try that first. I asked if you knew of a tow truck and you recommended a local company Heston’s Towing. You looked up the number for me and said if that relay didn’t work and you would fit me in that day. I knew that you were a man of his word and honest. You said your shop was Dave’s Rolling Stock, but it was just now changed to Hardman Auto Care. I had read reviews of Dave’s Rolling Stock and found very good reviews.

When my relay didn’t help, I called Heston’s and they told me the tow was an hour out. This is around 3:30 and I was afraid it would be too late to get it to you so I called you again. You reassured me you would stay and make sure I was taken care of that day. WHEW! So, I called Heston back and ordered the tow, then walked to O’Reilly Auto Parts and got the only starter for the Jeep they had in stock.

We waited for over an hour for the tow truck and it was 4:38 when I called for the tow truck operator to get directions and you made me feel that it was okay you would get the starter installed even at that late of an hour. They tow truck had to unload and then you, your brother, your helper and I pushed it in after you took care of customers that was parked in our path.

While there some of the customers told me how good and fair you were and what work you had done for them. One said that you worked until 8:30 one night to get him fixed. I figured as much as I had read some of the reviews online, but figured the cost would go up for overtime work. I didn’t care by this time I just wanted to get this fixed… “It is what it is..” I told my wife. She agreed.

Was I surprised how much I sensed that you and your brother cared for me and my situation. Very reassuring.

When I left after an hour or so, it was like I made a new friend, a genuine friend, one that cares about you. I remember telling you about your honesty and sincerity not to mention your good work, that you guys had made me proud to be an American with all that has been going on in the politics of this land.

OH…. and thanks for not taking advantage of people that are not local and stuck as your bill was way less that what you would expect from my point of view in my dire situation.

May God bless you guys and your endeavor of caring for others at Hardman Auto Care, may your business not only grow but prosper so others will remember the days when Americans stood for honesty, character and caring for fellow Americans.

Larry Weston